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We're not gonna lie: It's going to be a rough time for small business owners, financially and emotionally. At Canna Bella Lux, we have a great location with lots of foot traffic. Traffic that, well, suddenly disappeared. When we were starting out, we were asked about our wildest risk predictions. We picked a bad winter. (It's Chicago, duh.) But neither the snowpocalypse or polar vortex slowed our local economy down like 'social distancing'. 

We absolutely understand the concern centered around the COVID-19 virus. It's why we're trying to do everything in our power to promote cleanliness. AND promote daily sales.

What we're doing

Healing Vibes from Canna Bella LuxFor any one who has suffered from health issues or has anxiety during this period, we send out healing vibes. Reach out to family, friends, and community resources. You are not alone, please remember that. We ARE in this together.

For customers comfortable being out-and-about, we do our best to try to take care of you as well as ourselves in our shop.

  • We are abiding by best hygiene practices as noted by the CDC and IDPH.
  • We've taken steps to proactively disinfect the high traffic surfaces.
  • After transactions, we wipe down equipment with disinfectant wipes and sanitize our hands carefully so we're ready for the next customer.

We've implemented "contactless" delivery with either curbside pickup or delivery in the evening hours (3 mile radius). For online shoppers, we're offering free shipping with a $50 spend.

We'll update our Instagram if we happen close our retail shop early.

What we're asking you to do

Support your local and small business.

  • Many small businesses rely on word-of-mouth. Consider spending time writing a Yelp or Google review. 
  • Engage with small business' social posts frequently (and have tolerance as they panic-post).
  • When you do go out or shop online, skip the chain store and seek out the smaller shop.

Get your retail therapy on with Canna Bella Lux

  • 💰All that cash you saved from not hitting up Starbucks, treat yo'self! (I mean, who can't use more candles, amiright?)
  • If you're looking to send someone a gift, consider Canna Bella Lux. We offer online gift cards!
  • If you come to the store and are a "maybe" on an item, ask Tiffany to convince you. (But be careful, you might discover you needed more. J/K, not really.)
  • Need more information about a product? Ask! Tiffany will shoot you a quick product review.

Be a CBL ambassador #luxyourlife

Be cognizant

For some, this is an annoying or frustrating time. For others, it's financially catastrophic. Be respectful to those that are getting hit hard. And be mindful that they'll be extra sensitive for a while.

Be a good neighbor

Many local leaders have set up a Community Response Team. Volunteer to make daily check-in calls to older adults and homebound neighbors. (Tasks for volunteers will likely evolve over time so let volunteer committee know your talents.)

There are tons of ideas circulating...stretch yourself to see where you can help. Maybe it's as simple grabbing a few things for your neighbor while at the store.

Share ideas

If you have ideas on how to help, send them along. We love our community and we can all learn from each other. 🙏

Healing Vibes from Canna Bella Lux Stay safe - be careful - and be kind to each other and our furry friends.

Canna Bella Lux in Lincoln Square, Chicago. Shop local; support small business owners.

March 15, 2020 — Tiffany Woodman

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