The picture on the left was taken in December of 2019, when I received the keys to what would become Canna Bella Lux in Lincoln Square. The picture on the right is today, June 20 2022, my last day in this space as I close the door to one chapter and grow into the next. It seems fitting that on the eve of the Summer Solstice, a time of new beginnings and growth, of embracing change, I share the next phase of my professional growth.

When I started Canna Bella Lux, it was to create a physical space for the femme-forward cannabis consumers. I knew how to operate a retail store but it was the idea of events and community that made my soul glow. Enter COVID-19 three months in and an unpredictable next two years for everyone. Even with rules changing every day, I made sure safety was at the forefront and was so blessed for the community that grew around me who was amazing and kept me open during some tough times.

I am so proud of throwing over 15+ Large and small scale events (that never had a COVID-19 exposure), that I created experiences that were different from the typical speakeasy’s which continue to stigmatize the plant, that were inclusive, and safe, and that focused on adding cannabis to peoples lifestyle, not people into the cannabis lifestyle. With every customer that walked into the beautiful “pink bong store” as the neighborhood jokingly called it, I was able to share a smile and learn all about the canna curious and the canna-sseurs. I spent time with each unique customer and learned valuable insight to the cannabis consumer experience.

I proudly worked hard to have an active Chicago Business tobacco accessories and smokeable herbs license and follow the rules of the City of Chicago. I’ve been able to partner with CuraleafNature's Grace and Wellness, LLC , Nature's Care Company, NuEra, and Dispensary33, just to name a few. Canna Bella Lux was voted Chicago Reader Best Cannabis Accessories Boutique in 2022 and was the 2021 runner-up. For every collaboration, I have been a part of, the excitement from seeing even one person connect to a community and feel accepted has motivated me to keep growing and building.

So what’s next? The Chicago location of Canna Bella Lux is officially closed so we can grow and expand it the way it deserves. Where should you be looking for all things Canna Bella? Right now you can still shop and sign up for our mailing list to see where we’re popping up and what events we’re curating for you. You never know what dispensary will have its own CBL experience but we can’t wait to surprise you.

I found a divine business partner in Lisbeth Vargas Jaimes and I am excited to announce she is the new co-owner of Canna Bella Lux. She will serve as the Chief Innovation Officer to help grow and nurture this amazing community. Lisbeth is the perfect combination of tech and marketing, with heart and soul.

More tea coming soon 👀 Follow along for the ride, our DMs are open!

June 22, 2022 — Tiffany Woodman
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