The Dos and Don't of Choosing CBD

Hey Bellas!

Today we're introducing you to The Do's and Don'ts of Choosing CBD, a series on how to safely select the best CBD products for you. (CBD stands for Cannabidiol, the second active ingredient in the cannabis plant and a non psychoactive.)

Everywhere we look these days, it seems there's someone selling CBD. From high end beauty store Sephora to the local chain of Family Video, you can grab some tincture, lotion, or gummies and be on your way. Speciality CBD health and wellness stores can carry upwards of ten brands and up, which can be daunting to try and choose from.

How and why are there SO MANY CBD brands and products? How can we know what to choose? Where do we even start? AGHH--

STOP. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Okay, feeling relaxed? Great :)

As you can see, just thinking about this can be stressful...which is the EXACT opposite of how CBD can be beneficial to us. What's even scarier is that people don't seem to realize that all CBD is NOT equal.

Never fear though! We're here to simplify the world of CBD and provide you with a guide for making informed decisions. In this series we'll go over the F.A.C.T.'S. of CBD (below) and include bonus interviews with our CBD vendors. 

  1. Forms of CBD 
  2. Allergens + Ingredients
  3. Consumption Method
  4. Testing (farms + labs) + Hemp source
  5. Strength

After this series, you'll be able to ask the right questions for your needs and know how to choose the best products for you.

Hmmm. So what makes a brand or type of CBD "best" for you anyways?

Fair point

First, let's remember best is a subjective term because it can mean such different things to different people as we'll explain.  We've identified some of the most common ways best can be judged by:

Price Point: Simply, do you like to get the most for your money? Is it the lowest price? If you like a good value then you might consider this your top priority. It doesn't mean you have to spend the least but maybe you're looking for bundles or buying in larger quantities. Whatever the reason, cost counts. 

Brand Loyal: When a brand never lets you down and actually delivers what they promise, you stay loyal! Sure, sales at other places come and go but you don't switch for a quick fix. You care about being able to trust/depend on a brand and align with their mission/policies. 

Health/Wellness: You're here for educating yourself about what goes into your body. You want to know what the ingredients are and where it was made. You may have a tree or nut allergy and have to be vigilant. Whatever the reasons, what the ingredients are matter. 

Trendsetter: You love to see what the celebs are using or maybe you always know the best little spot before it blows up. You always knows where to get the best lattes and discount designer jeans and are damn proud! If it's in Vogue, it's on your shopping list. You're not a follower, you're leading the pack. 

You might be one of the above or a combo of a few! Whatever your preference, simply knowing is a huge part of the journey! 

Have a great day and be kind!


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