Haute Yoga is the practice of combining yoga and cannabis to intentionally align ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. We call our practice haute yoga because haute means "high" in french and we want you to vibe high with this spiritual class. 
Haute also stands for our intentions with our practice. We are guided by our intentions to heal, align, unite, thank, and elevate our body, mind, and soul to achieve harmony and peace.
 Each practice is designed to meet you where you are...to nourish your spirit and help you protect your inner peace. Combining herbal medicine with yoga can help open ourselves to a heightened state of self awareness + elevation. Taken to open our mind + not numb, we can align our body, mind, + breathe. 🧘🏽⁣
Each practice incorporates a theme developed to honor our wellness. We start and end our session by joining together in a circle. Our circle creates a safe space for all practicing to share our intentions to honor the practice.
Each class provides cues and modifications to serve yoga practitioners of all levels, including those new to yoga and/or any physical limitations.