Our Mantra

We open our hearts and mind to lead with love, to assume good things and the best in people. If you are driving and someone cuts you off, instead of assuming the worst, treat them as if it were someone you love. Instead of anger, give them the benefit of the doubt and use compassion. Keep your heart open and let the high vibrations of love flow through. 
⁣We believe in the power to ⁣uplift others so we can all spread kindness, empathy, and positivity. This world can be hard enough so if we have the opportunity to make someone smile, we encourage you to take it.  We believe in complimenting humans freely and often, you never know how many people a single act of kindness can effect.
Be eXtra means to take the parts of you that are considered excessive and embrace them! When our CEO was told her passion and excitement was too much, she didn't let it stop her shine and instead, embraced it. Being unique is something to be proud of and we want you to LUX this special part of yourself. Whatever makes you special, we want you to show your glow!