Our Story

Canna Bella Lux is the femme-forward “highbrid” boutique with a focus on items made by women, BIPOC and the LGBTQIA+ community. 
Canna Bella Lux began as dreams of all the things we wanted and couldn't find.
We dreamed of a beautiful smoke shop that encouraged new clients with smiles and education. We dreamed of artisan glass smoking pieces, jewelry and crystals, of carefully curated lifestyle items. We dreamed of a small, glam space to host private events and open to celebrations of all varieties. With a wishlist that grew, we realized we didn't just want a shop; we wanted a true luxury "highbrid" boutique. Part smoke shop, part boutique. And so, Canna Bella Lux was born.
Welcome. We Love to LUX You Baby!

The LUX in CBL means something to us and we hope to you too!
⁣The L stands for Lead with love and it means to let love guide your actions. Assume good things and the best in people. ⁣We believe in the power to ⁣Uplift others so we can all spread kindness, empathy, and positivity. ⁣Be eXtra means to take the parts of you that are "extra" and embrace them and shine your light!