Blazy Susan Tray

Blazy Susan Tray

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When you smoke + still want to be HGTV ready, you get the perfect tray- The Blazy Susan!

The Blazy Susan Rolling Tray features an innovative design with small compartments for all different types of smoking accessories and supplies. This tray was built from the ground up through consumer feedback and has more functionality than anything on the market as well as being one of the coolest smoking products you’ve ever seen.

The original tray features a high-end birch wood finish and conversion varnish covers the exterior surface to lock in a smooth wood style. The varnish is completely food safe and guarantees your experience to start as fresh as possible when rolling out on the tray.

There are numerous features that set the Blazy Rolling Tray apart and a lot of them are multi-functional to keep up with your growing collections:

  • A 3″ Cutout for grinders and torches
  • Built-in silicone slick for dirty tools
  • 2 open flat areas with a wide base, to make rolling easier for beginners
  • Several holes to hold vapes and prerolls
  • Slots for standard rolling papers booklets
  • Multiple different wood finishes and silicone upgrades

includes: tray with silicon mat

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