Bloom Farms 0.5 G Dream 5:1 CBN Vapor Cartridge - 0.5 g

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Designed for evening relaxation, this uncut broad-spectrum whole-plant hemp extract is enhanced with potent hemp-derived cannabinol for boosted sedative effects. The all-natural flavor is a dreamy full-spectrum terpene blend that borrows notes from lavender, valerian and chamomile. All-natural and alcohol-free. Pair with a Blooms Farms Battery in Rose Gold, Gold, or Rainbow Pride!
  • 0.5 g uncut broad-spectrum hemp oil
  • 50 mg CBN 
  • Dreamy all-natural flavorfull-spectrum terpene blend that borrows notes from calming herbs like chamomile, valerian and lavender
  • Evening use only

Feeling Good, Doing Good 

BLOOM FARMS WELLNESS always comes from top-quality, responsibly grown plants. Social good is fundamental to our mission. Our pledge: For every purchase of a BLOOM FARMS WELLNESS product, we donate a healthy meal to a food-insecure individual or family.