Bye Bye Bad Vibes Mal Ojo Black Jasper Earrings

Bye Bye Bad Vibes Mal Ojo Black Jasper Earrings

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Stockton Stones By Design is a one-woman metaphysical jewelry operation with the amazing Carmen Delgado-Stockton at the helm. Through meticulous craftmanship and intuitively selecting each ethically-sourced stone, Carmen creates one-of-a-kind pieces to assist with all different aspects of life. From self-love to healing to grounding, this latina powerhouse has you covered with her blessed and stylish jewelry creations.

This lovely pair of protective Evil Eye earrings were made with one powerfully infused intention: Get that weak shit out of here! Mal Ojo and Black Jasper work in tandem to both protect your personal energy and repel any energies that do not serve you.

Infused with the intention to say bye bye to the evil eye (haterade is being sold in bulk out there, ya know), there's no other pair out there like them (literally)!

Triple Black & White:

  • Silver Plated
  • Hand-Spiraled to perfection for extra security and long-term use
  • Black Jasper Beads
  • Moonstone Beads
  • Silver Accent Beads