Canna Bella Beauty- High & Dry Microfiber Scrunchie/Headband Duo


Self-care isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.

No time to blow dry? Twist your hair up high and wait to dry with this super absorbent microfiber scrunchie and headband set! Did you know when you use a bath towel to rub your wet hair, it can damage your strands and cuticles, and cause frizz and tangles. Even just wrapping your hair in a regular cotton towel can promote breakage and damage, no fun!!

This quick-wicking duo works to pull water from your roots and ends so you can finish getting ready in no time at all. Use post bath or shower, at the beach or by the pool to cut down on drying time, and to keep hair in its place for face masks, skin care and makeup application.

  • Cut drying time in half
  • Damage your hair less
  • Great for long and/or thick hair

Includes matching scrunchie & adjustable headband