Good Vibes Chakras Pendulum

Good Vibes Chakras Pendulum

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Gorgeous crystal pendulum, featuring the traditional chakra rainbow, each color corresponding to each chakra. Hang it in a well lit window, from the ceiling or on the wall!

Our Good Vibes Collection is all about positivity, kindness, and love. Each item is picked for it's energy to help you harness the good vibes around you. 

How to chedck your charka balance:

You can start with the crown chakra, which is located on the top of the head. Hold the pendulum a few inches above the crown chakra and wait for it to move automatically by picking on subtle vibrations. Keep moving to the next six chakras while noting down the direction in which the pendulum is swinging.

  • Each pendulum is unique; size, shape, and color will vary
  • Approx. 10" total length (including chain)
  • Imported