Good Vibes Palo Santo Stick


Our Good Vibes Collection is all about positivity, kindness, and love. Each item is picked for it's energy to help you harness the good vibes around you. 

Palo Santo, or holy wood for purificiation and healing. Burn Palo Santo for creating a healing space filled with positive energy. Palo Santo can also be used for aromatherapy, meditation, preparing tea, and as an effective repellent for mosquitoes.

Smudging is an ancient ceremony of burning herbs in order to cleanse a space or person of negative energy. It is believed that the smoke lifts away bad thoughts, feeling and vibes.

Instructions: Carefully light one end using a small flame. Allow end to burn for a few seconds, then quickly blow out flame. Place smoking stick on fire safe surface - e.g. metal or clay bowl, shell, crystal agate dish. Keep a small dish or cup of water nearby for quick distinguishing. 

CAUTION: Use with extreme caution. Do not leave burning or smoldering stick unattended. Keep out of reach of children