Moksha Vegan 65% Criollo Dark Chocolate Square


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For the dark chocolate LUXers, this vegan treat offers complex layers of sweetness with notes of semi-sweet, earthy, red fruits. Its semi-sweet, silky smooth chocolate is perfect anyone who appreciates ethical ingredients.

Pair with the book waiting on your bedside table.
Isolate: Ingredients: Cacao bean, organic cane sugar, cacao butter, 20mg cannabidiol isolate (No THC).

Full Spectrum: Ingredients: Cacao bean, organic cane sugar, cacao butter, full-spectrum cannabidiol (.3% or less THC)
  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • soy free

Moksha chocolate is made with the utmost care from an enticing blend of sustainably-grown, single-varietal Peruvian cacao and Colorado slow-crafted hemp oil.

The commitment to create responsibly grown, transparently produced and meticulously crafted chocolate products is at the core of both the Shanao Cacao Collective and Moksha. Their distinctively flavored products are ideal for the socially and environmentally conscious consumer looking for a unique, deliciously sophisticated treat.

The Shanao Cacao Collective and Moksha are able to pay their co-op members more than the market value of their crop, with farmers currently making 50% over the market value of cacao and rising. Following the original vision, a portion of sales profits goes directly into continuing to improve farming practices.