RYOT Stash Box

RYOT Stash Box

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RYOT 4x7" Glass Top Screen Box

Made from premium wood, every RYOT 4x7 Glass Top Screen Box in Natural features a magnetic design and monofilament screen specifically designed for higher quality sifting and concentrate storage.

With our unique line of Glass Top Screen Boxes, you can check out your concentrate collection without needlessly exposing it to the air.

  • Attractive Wood Construction Glass Top with screenprinted design for easy viewing of your smokeables
  • Magnetically Secured Closures Monofilament Screen for greater longevity and higher quality sifting
  • Removable Storage Divider Includes a RYOT Prep Card Seamless Glass Base Tray
All RYOT Boxes when combined with Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control help maximize color, aroma and taste of your blend

Interior Box Depth: 1.625"

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