You are a passionate human who's dedicated to making positive changes to the world. Keep this set of healing crystals close to you as seek transformation. Take time to practice self care daily and use these crystals for spiritual and financial success. Purposely add intention and healing to your daily self care routine.

We've added GOLDSTONE, a powerful stone of inspiration. It holds the power of the fire in its core, and stands for change, transformation, alchemy, and strength.. To compliment these powers, we've added AMETHYST for ampliflying transformation. It can help spiritually shed your old skin and let go of the past. 

CRYSTAL QUARTZ is known as the best deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical body with the mental, emotional and spiritual body. It dispels negative energy and will supercharges the intentions you set it. BLACK ONYX has immensely powerful vibrations of protection, willpower, focus and strength. Many believe that the onyx is there to drive motivation and to continuously push you forward in your life.

Finally, LABRADORITE is for strength and to help mood swings and create a calm sensation. It supports deep emotional healing, while also protecting you from negative influences. 

Each set includes:
- (1) Ethically sourced Goldstone polished stone
- (1) Ethically sourced Amethyst polished stone
- (1) Ethically sourced Crystal Quartz polished stone
- (1) Ethically sourced Black Onyx polished stone
- (1) Ethically sourced Labrodorite polished stone

Crystals do not have unlimited energy and need to be charged. as we use crystals we drain their energy, leaving space for negative energy to grow. we suggest laying your crystals where they will RECEIVE direct natural light.

Full moons are optimal energy sources for your crystals as they signify new beginnings.