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""It’s LUX to recycle, think about the environmental impact, and recognize you don’t have to lose your brand aesthetic for sales," she said."
Success Stories Of Minorities In Cannabis C-Suite: 'The Future Of Cannabis Is Female'
Benzinga - November 28, 2023
""Why are you so comfortable with a woman leading your company but not giving her even 2% of that company?" asked CEO and founder of Canna Bella Lux's Tiffany Woodman, a renowned figure in the cannabis industry, during her recent address at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami."
Empty Rhetoric Or Genuine Progress? Tiffany Woodman Challenges Cannabis Companies On Women's Equity
Benzinga - July 19, 2023
"Today I am joined byTiffany Woodman. Tiffany is CEO and founder of Canna Bella Lux, a luxury women’s cannabis brand. A proud Puerto Rican/Italian serial entrepreneur, she strives towards inclusivity and equity in the cannabis industry and believes that cannabis should fit into your lifestyle, not you into the cannabis lifestyle."
Ep. 51: How Tiffany Woodman, Owner Of Canna Bella Lux, Created a Brand Where Cannabis Fits Into Your Lifestyle, Not You Into The Cannabis Lifestyle
Werk Mija - April 20, 2023
"Tiffany Woodman, founder of Canna Bella Lux, believes cannabis can be luxurious. She’s building a brand with “a different kind of luxury that leads with love, uplifts others, and [gives women the space to] be extra.” "
Best Woman-Owned Cannabis Brand, Canna Bella Lux
Chicago Reader - April 05, 2023
"Canna Bella Lux-branded flower, edibles and infused teas will soon be available for the first time — and they’re aiming at helping people, especially women, find relief."
Canna Bella Lux Rolling Out Its 1st Pot Products This Summer Thanks To New Partnership
Block Club Chicago - March 29, 2023
"Seeing the need for a physical space where women interested in cannabis and wellness could shop and connect, Woodman founded Canna Bella Lux in 2019. Chicago-based Canna Bella Lux offers pre-roll cones, rolling trays and other cannabis-related merchandise created with Woodman’s signature femme aesthetics. However, until now, the company did not have any plant products in its portfolio. The new line of cannabis products will include pre-rolls, flower, infused teas, edibles and more, all curated for women’s health needs."
Tapping the Feminine Mystique? Chicago Company Eyes Luxury Cannabis Market for Women
Global Cannabis Times - March 12, 2023
"Currently, Canna Bella Lux offers an extensive line of luxury items for women like pre-roll cones, rolling trays, vaporizer batteries, and other cannabis-related merchandise. However, until now, the company did not have any plant products in its portfolio. This new line of cannabis products will include pre-rolls, flower, infused teas, edibles and more, all curated for women’s health needs and wellness."
Chicago Latina Cannabis Brand Launches on International Women’s Day
MG Magazine - March 08, 2023
"The goal is that women will be able to have their Canna Bella products on the shelf, on the go, and whenever they need relief with fashion and function.- Ambrose Jackson"
Latina Luxury Brand Canna Bella Lux Partners With The 1937 Group To Launch Women's Wellness Cannabis Line For Illinois Market
Chicago's WGN News 9 - March 08, 2023
"Puerto Rican and Italian CEO Tiffany Woodman’s mission statement is “a safe place for women and others who might not gravitate to cannabis because of the stigma or the atmosphere and offerings at a smoke shop.” "
These Small Latine CBD Entrepreneurs Are Breaking Stigmas
BELatina - June 14, 2022
"CannaBellaLux (Chicago) is a “femme-forward, cannabis-inspired “highbrid” boutique and lifestyle brand. Canna Bella Lux is focused on providing an elevated experience and ethically sourced items from Womyn, POC, LGBTQIA+ and small businesses,” writes the company’s website. Founded by Tiffany Woodman."
18 Latinx-Owned Cannabis Brands to Support Right Now
Dutchie - September 26, 2022
"In the expo hall, female-represented brands were out in full force, including Chicago Norml’s Edi Moore, My Bud Vase’s Doreen Sullivan, MtoM’s Christine Wilson, Illinois Equity Staffing’s Shawnee Williams, HerHighness’ Allison Krongard and Laura Eisman, Budwell’s Sara Hussain, and CannaBellaLux’s Tiffany Woodman, among others."
Benzinga Chicago Cannabis Capital Conference Highlights Women, Minorities
Cannabis Now - September 21, 2022
"Tiffany’s incredible curation of ethically sourced, canna-fab goods made by people in the BIPOC, LGBTQIA and Women’s communities is stellar! "
This Latina Owned Boutique in Chicago Helps Women Change Their Lives
Tokeativity - March 17, 2022
Cannabis Gift Guide with Canna Bella Lux's, Tiffany Woodman
Tokeativity - December 15, 2021
Tokeativity Takeover...Women in Cannabis Holiday Showcase
Women Grow X Tokeativity - December 13, 2021
"If you’re searching for a gift to bring a little cheer for loved ones near or far (or a gift for yourself - you deserve it!), we've got you covered. Sit back, light up, and get ready to cross items off your gift list!"
Canna Bella Lux Holiday Cannabis Gift Guide
DO312 - December 01, 2021
"We’re catering to a community that is asking for this. Tuesday’s event is a pure mixer to have fun,” Woodman said. “I’m so excited to have a bunch of femme-forward people get together with no pressure and just hang out."
Lincoln Square’s Canna Bella Lux Hosting 4/20 ‘Weed Girls’ Mixer At Davis Theater
Block Club Chicago - April 15, 2021
"Nary a black light or shred of tie-dye can be found at this high-end, femme-friendly smoke shop."
How to Spend $200 at Canna Bella Lux
Chicago Magazine - February 25, 2021
"Would you go to a bar and ask for the highest proof booze? Or are you looking for what you enjoy based on taste and effect through terpenes, cannabinoids, and your body chemistry?"
DO312 - January 05, 2021
Meet Tiffany Woodman, owner of CBD shop Canna Bella Lux in North Center/Roscoe Village
Adam McDowell, Path to Home - Chicago - April 06, 2020
"I wanted to create a space that was not only welcoming but safe for everyone, especially women and new users."
New North Center Boutique Wants To Be A Less Intimidating Spot To Buy Your First Weed Pipe
Block Club Chicago - January 14, 2020
"The long-running holiday tradition of 4/20 is only getting bigger and better. With the addition of 7/10 (International Oil Day) and 8/8 (National CBD Day) there’s no denying that this culture is growing as we speak. From gift ideas to holiday releases, we sorted out the most popular products and deals for your holiday celebrations."
From Green to Gold: Everything To Know About Weed in Chicago
Do312 - January 01, 2020
Tiffany Woodman
CEO, Founder, 847-830-2343
Tiffany Woodman, known as "The Canna Bella," is the visionary force behind Canna Bella Lux. A true Chicago native with a Palm Springs soul, she's on a mission to empower women, the LGBTQ+ community, and beyond through the world of cannabis. With a passion for authenticity and holistic well-being, Tiff is shaping the future of cannabis culture, one elegant moment at a time.
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