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The Bella Experience

Whether IRLB’s (IN REAL LIFE BELLAS 🤣) or when it was online only, this brand has been built 💯 by community. @thecannabella might do the work but it’s thanks to all you Bellas! 

Becoming a Bella is incredibly easy.

🌈 Join a vibrant community of cannabis enthusiasts who are all about love, inclusivity, and education.

At Canna Bella Lux, we celebrate Women, Experience, Education, and Diversity – the core values that make up the heart of our community. Whether you identify as a girl, gay, they, or anyone who shares our passion, you're invited to be a part of the Bellaverse, where everyone's uniqueness is cherished.


Become a Brand Ambassador

Our Brand Ambassadors (Very Important Bellas) are hand selected by Tiff to represent the Canna Bella Lux brand and ultimately, embody the Lux Life!

Very Important Bellas

Are you passionate about cannabis, wellness, and making a difference? Join our exclusive Canna Bella Lux Shopify Collabs Partner Program and let's ignite creativity together! As a Bella, you'll have the chance to collaborate, create, and inspire through our platform. Plus, unlock the opportunity to earn money, receive free and exclusive items, and access unique experiences. Let's blaze new trails and spread good vibes. Join us now and let's make magic happen! 💫 #CannaBellaCollabs #Empowerment #Innovatio

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