Artist Profile: Kris Uhlhorn

Artist Profile: Kris Uhlhorn

Have you ever watched a glassmaker in action? On a tour of site, they said a Roman-period worker could walk into a small glassblowing studio today and, with little adjustment, begin working successfully immediately. How amazing is that?

What's even more amazing is the pieces that Special K Glass Shop puts out.

Special K Glass Galaxy collectionWe got our hands on founder and glass artist Kris Uhlhorn's Galaxy Blues line. Photos can only show so much of this beautiful hand-blown glass. Next time you’re at Canna Bella Lux, ask to check out his work! We suspect this gorgeous suite will go quickly. (Reach out on Instagram for availability.) 

And check out Kris' How To demo for insider's glimpse!
😂"just get yourself a furnace..." 

Kris doesn't stop at being award winning glass artist. He and his family are also responsible for the ShelterCare’s Hawthorne Program, which, according to the ShelterCare website, is "one of the only programs in Oregon that houses and supports low-income individuals who have survived an acquired brain injury".

Some of the spectacular Special K Glass pieces we've carried at Canna Bella Lux: Pear Water Pipe, Dragon Egg Water Pipe, Large Pink Piece Water Pipe, Glass Color Foot Wrap Teal and Pink Water Pipe

Shop Special K Glass collection 

from Canna Bella Lux
We'll box you up! We were taught how to package these pieces with care. 


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