"August slipped away into a moment in time"

"August slipped away into a moment in time"

welcome fall

Taylor Swift said it best, "August slipped away in a moment of time." I don't know about you but the last few months flew right by. I closed the Chicago brick and mortar in early June.

I spent a few weeks getting into get a new normal. Simple things like making dinner, spending more time with my rescue dogs, having more then one day off...I could go on. 

Summer ended in Palm Springs for our Women of Weed Mastermind Weed-kend retreat. So many good things happen and are to come!

You've all been patiently wondering whats next, so here we go! 

We're concentrating on our passion for sharing weed, wellness, and wisdom with other women, whether connecting personally, professionally, or both...these are the vibes of Canna Bella Lux. 

We are a place where W.E.E.D see you, a home within the cannabis industry.  

We are not fighting for a seat at the table but building a home to connects us all.

We're committed to cultivating our W.E.E.D see you mission and helping others grow. 

Our W.E.E.D see you mission is:

Women: Connect women in weed together through our network with articles blog, weekly newsletters, content, and more as viewers and contributors. 

Experiences: Curate experiences that normalize plant medicine with our everyday lifestyles through retreats, dinners, workshops, content shoots, events etc.

Education: Provide education to empower women with knowledge and resources. From experts in their respective fields, whether it's plant education to business advice and cultivation questions, sharing facts and perspectives.

Diversity: Commit to bringing equality and diversity in the cannabis community through our accountability of partners, purchases, and best ethical human practices. 

So what else is new?

1. RETAIL: We are still a boutique carrying your luxury smoke items. We are currently transitioning to our own branded items and apparel along with our favorite essentials. We will be sharing new favorites quarterly in our limited Bella Boxes along with Essentials always available.  

2. EVENTS: We are creating more virtual and in person events and experiences. We are concentrating on bringing CBL to new cities and old favorites, creating community and connections nationally. 

3. LIFESTYLE: Blogs. Newsletters. Articles. Think Buzzfeed but for women who love weed. We can't wait to share tips, tricks, facts, quizzes, and more.  

As we close out our third year, I can confidently say we've only just begun.

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