How to Clean Your Bong

How to Clean Your Bong

So you love using your new bong but aren't sure how to clean it? Don't worry, we've got you! Cleaning your bong properly is a super important step to ensure that you're smoking from a clean and safe piece.

Bella Bite: We HIGHLY recommend cleaning daily or at least every other day. When you do it more often it's SO easy! Future you thanks you :)


To begin the process, empty your bong of all water. Don't assume this is obvious for everyone. Remember: there's no judging in cannabis!


Take out all removable pieces, such as the mouthpiece, stem, and bowl, and set them aside. Yes, they will be dirty but we'll get to them. Take a small bowl and pour some 91/99 isopropyl alcohol in and let your bowl soak in it.


Grab your rock salt (bigger pieces are always better) and pour directly into the bottom of your bong. How much? I'd say a few tablespoons depending on the size of your piece. The goal is make sure the rocks get all the gross buildup off due to the rocks abrasiveness. 


Pour your 91% or 99% isopropyl alcohol into your bong. Make sure you cover any openings i.e. mouthpiece so that when you shake you don't make a mess.

BELLA BITE: We bought rubber stoppers for beakers and they work perfectly for most bong mouthpieces or stems. 

Now shake it vigorously! You can add more rocks or alcohol if needed. 

Repeat until bong looks clean. If there are hard to get spots, you can always get longer wire brush cleaners to help. 


After your piece looks clean, it's on to the mouthpiece and stem.  Grab your mouthpiece, your bristle cleaner, and scrub out anything left over. Rinse with warm water and repeat until done. 

For your stem, grab the scrubber and some alcohol and get to cleaning!


Wash your bong with soap and warm water to ensure that it's completely clean.

BAM! You're done!

By taking the time to properly clean your bong, you'll be able to enjoy a healthier, smoother and more flavorful smoking experience every time. 

Look at our actual before and after! 


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