Khloe Kardashian Smokes Weed to Sleep

Khloe Smokes Weed To Sleep (and we're obsessed).

Tiffany Woodman

Founder, Canna Bella Lux


Grand Daddy Purp: One of my top three strains, it's full of myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene.


Honestly, we always thought Khloe used weed after the infamous Costa Rica episode on KUWTK where she says holding a joint for a "friend". Sure Jan... 

So when she tweeted in May about using our favorite plant medicine cannabis to help her sleep, I couldn't help but scream a little! Yassss Queen! This little mention of positive cannabis use from a celebrity and Mom like Khloe K. is a huge win in de-stigmazing our friend Mary Jane.   

Our girl Koko is part of the 85% of people using cannabis medicinally as a remedy for sleep relief according to The Sleep Foundaxtion. THC has been found to reduce time spent in REM sleep and increase time spent in slow-wave sleep according to Dr. Michael Breus, The Sleep Doctor.   

Honestly, not surprising a celebrity might need a little help sleeping. Who doesn't these days? So how do we pick what to smoke before slumber?

I know you're tempted to just go for an Indica strain but I'm gonna stop you right there and steer you towards terpenes. Terpenes are the aromatic molecules in cannabis and many other plants and flowers. These molecules give the plants their smell and flavor.

We've listed the top terpenes for sleep below. Check them out and look out for them when strain shopping.

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