Lux Life Highlight: Doreen Sullivan

Lux Life Highlight: Doreen Sullivan

My Bud Vase™

It's a Bong. It's a Vase. It's high-class art glass transformed into a fine smoking implement.

We're inspired by Doreen Sullivan's creativity and entrepreneurism!

She echos the Canna Bella Lux vision and sums it up well: "People need to realize they are going to get to witness an industry evolve with enormous compassion and creativity; not feminist power but genuine feminine energy." We're proud to offer her collection of stunning products.

My Bud Vase™ Flamingo bongWith six styles, make this artisan piece a focal point or hide it in plain sight.

Our absolute favorite is, you guessed it...the **boujee bombshell, Flamingo. With its signature flower poker, and gold accents, we're smoking pretty. (And yep, we picked up some soft and gorgeous feathers to make it a perfect display. )

But you do you...pick out your favorite!

Tip from Canna Bella LuxTip from Canna Bella Lux
As with all glass pieces, we recommend only using warm water when rinsing. Protect the glass and avoid thermal shock.

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