Released June, 2021 our first Bella Box was a premium, cannabis-inspired box with an assortment of ethically and sustainably made goods to LUX your next sesh. Each limited-editionexclusive Bella Box is curated by one of our Bellas, a trailblazer that celebrates the cannabis community. 

The best part of the Bella Box? It's customized to each Bella and what they love to LUX. Luxury, ethical/sustainable cannabis lifestyle products. 10% of each box goes to a charity of the Bella's choice. 

Bella’s are strong, kind, fun, and unapologetic about who they are. They embody our mission: leading with love, uplifting others and being extra, living a truly LUX life. It’s not about the followers they have or the cute factor, it’s about how they add good to the world in their own unique way. 

Bella’s are brave and bold; fierce and fun; cute and (socially conscious). Bella’s are beautiful inside and out because they glow with LUX.  We knew that the first Bella had to be iconic. They had to set the standard of what a true Bella is. They had to set the standard of what a true Bella is. 

We knew that the first Bella had to be iconic. Enter the beloved queen of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13, Denali. She is all things Bella, changing the world in skates with a contagious smile and a gold medal heart. A Latina queen who highlights her sisters and community, we knew she was the perfect fit.


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