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Canna Bella Lux


Our Sativa Blend

CBL x 1937

Canna Bella Lux has teamed up with the incredible trailblazers at The 1937 Group – yes, you heard it right, the very first minority-owned, all-things-cannabis wonderland in Illinois has added us to their house of brands! 🌿🎉 They're masters of the cannabis odyssey, from magical materials to distribution wizardry, and CBL plans to take Chi-Town by storm with their backing, all with a sprinkle of that girl-power magic!  

Oh, but the magic doesn't stop there! 

Tiffany and the Canna Bella Lux team is beyond thrilled to share this lineup of goodies designed with you  in mind 

YES, queen, you! 

Imagine having products that totally get you, focusing on your well-being, and all wrapped up in Tiffany's signature femme-tastic style! 🌷🎀 Because you deserve nothing but the best, right? 

Our Terpene Profiles:

How's Your Head

Beyond its euphoric head high, this choice of name holds a deeper purpose. It's all about encouraging something we often forget – checking in on our friends' well-being. 💖

As a nod to the phrase, we rarely say as women and queers, this strain's name prompts us to engage in meaningful conversations and support each other's journeys. Let's elevate not just our minds, but also our connections.

Reach out, ask, and let the good vibes flow!


Equal Pay

This name also goes beyond its harmonious head and body high blend. It's a tribute to the ongoing battle for fairness, not just in cannabis, but everywhere.

With a nod to the phrase that echoes our demand for what's rightfully ours, this strain's name reminds us to persist in our fight for equality and equitable treatment. As we savor the perfect balance of effects, keep pushing for balance in every aspect of our lives.

Your empowerment, like this hybrid, knows no bounds!


My Body My Choice

This strain is a celebration of our autonomy – whether it's indulging in a body-energizing morning, embracing the delights of cannabis, or surrendering to a cloud-like bubble bath for some much-needed self-care.

Just as this strain envelops you in its soothing embrace, remember to honor and prioritize ourselves. The phrase that has echoed in our fight for agency is now a reminder to treat our bodies and minds with the tenderness they deserve. 🛁


It Takes a Village:

Bringing CBL to Your Dispensary?

Our goal is to ensure our retail partners are well-equipped for success with the Canna Bella Lux brand by providing them with all necessary support and content resources they might need.