The LIFE Bag Co. LO Water Tote


Sheila Patel founded The LIFE Bags Company in 2016 with the simple idea of providing a product that would be useful in everyday life, so we could be reminded that each and every one of us can make a change. It does not take one, but all of us. Together we can make a real impact. This community ties us all together: the connection of you, the connection of me, the connection of a child in need. Join Sheila in making LIFE good.

What your purchase provides: One canvas bag to a mother in need

The NEELA Backpack is our first bag and inspired the entire freshman collection. Gold-studs hardware

A canvas bag with strong long handles to carry groceries, a yoga mat or whatever your heart desires. This bag originally was used in India to carry water! It can hold water for a short period of time.